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The University of the South Pacific researchers present findings on Coastal Shark Conservation Research Project

A presentation on the main findings of a research on coastal shark conservation led by the School of Marine Studies at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Suva, Fiji was held on 28 February 2018 at its main Laucala Campus.

Professor Ciro Rico, the Head of School of Marine Studies (SMS) and team leader for this project, presented on 'Endangered Hammerhead and Vulnerable Bull Sharks find life and sanctuary in Fiji'.

The objective of the research was to determine the use and exploitation of sharks in Fiji and the ecology and reproductive biology of Scalloped, Great Hammerhead, Bull and Blacktip sharks in the estuaries, deltas and river-mouths of the country.

This presentation is the first of the USP's 50th Anniversary Research Presentation Series organised by the University's Research Office.

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Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme launched

The Pacific Community and the Government of New Zealand recently launched a new initiative aimining at enabling national and regional Pacific fisheries leaders to further empower themselves to be leaders of change, address critical priorities and become even better managers. 

This new initiative launched and signed in late February 2018 by the Consul General of New Zealand in New Caledonia, Mr Bruce Shepherd and Dr Colin Tukuitonga, the Director-General of the Pacific Community (SPC), is a 5 year programme.

After signing the new PFLP agreement

(Credit: Pacific Community - SPC)

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European Union purse seiners start fishing in Cook Islands waters

A Cook Islands News reported in February 2017 that one of the purse seine vessels involved in the European Union (EU) fisheries partnership agreement has started fishing in the Cook Islands' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

According to the Cook Islands News report, the Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) confirmed it had given licences to two of the four purse seine vessels which are part of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement (SFPA).

The fisheries agreement between the EU and the Cook Islands to allow the European fleet to fish in our waters and catch up to 7000 tonnes per year of tuna and other annual migratory species for the next four years, was finalised earlier in February by the European Parliament.

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Conservation Plan on bigeye tuna stock

World Fisheries Day for 2016 came and went on Monday, November 21.

Those responsible for managing the fishery resources in the Cook Islands were noticeably quiet on that day.

Coincidentally - or perhaps not, the next day there was a story in the Cook Islands News from our Prime Minister saying that his vision for the Marae Moana is to set best practice benchmarks first and foremost for conservation. This sounds like great news for our fishery resources, and below are a few tips from leading tuna scientists that can help him achieve his vision.

Fishery scientists, including those associated with Te Ipukarea Society, have been concerned for a number of years now about the decline of bigeye tuna stocks in the West and Central Pacific Ocean.

conserve bigeye tuna








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