Cooks sign new high seas fisheries treaty

The Cook Islands has become the second country to sign a treaty on the conservation and management of high seas fisheries this month.

While in Wellington earlier this month, deputy prime minister and minister of marine resources Robert Wigmore signed the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Fishery Resources in the South Pacific Ocean (SPRFMO) on behalf of the country.

The treaty covers the Pacific Ocean south of the equator from West Australia to the West, and to the edge of the EEZ of Chile and Peru to the East. It protects non-tuna species from over-fishing. The country has two Cook Islands flagged fishing vessels in the Jack Mackerel fishery west of Chile and Peru.

The treaty was negotiated over eight sessions and participants included the European Union, United States, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Peru. More

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