IPMEN 2010 Conference

Marine educators worldwide will again gather, this time in Fiji, to share resources and to advance a network aimed at ensuring the health of the Pacific and the communities who depend upon it. The formal conference dates are July 7 to 9, 2010.

The conference theme for IPMEN 2010 is Vakarau ni se siga toka - Marine education in the new millennium. Vakarau ni se siga toka is something Fijian elders used to say (and still do today, but rarely), which translated means “Prepare whilst there is time.”

With that theme in mind the IPMEN 2010 conference committee will call for papers in the following four strands.

Strand 1: Key Challenges in Ocean Literacy.
Strand 2: Building Healthy Sustainable Coastal Communities.
Strand 3: Women in Fisheries - Partnerships for Change.
Strand 4: How Does Climate Change Affect Children of the Pacific?