PEIN Marine Digest - August 2010

The PEIN Marine Digest is a monthly digest of pacific marine and fisheries news and developments gathered from global news sources and a regional network of Pacific environment officers. 

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New Zealand open to ideas on tuna conservation: Greenpeace wants total shutdown in Pacific
Pacific Islands Report - 30 August 2010
The head of New Zealand's delegation to the regional Tuna Commission meeting later this year says this country has an open mind about the best way to halt the decline in Pacific tuna stocks. Greenpeace is calling for the New Zealand government to support plans to close all four areas of international waters in the Pacific to all fishing...more

Funding opportunity - coral reef conservation
NOAA - 27 August 2010
NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Grant Program (Grant Program) opportunity for Micronesia and Southwest Pacific...find out more

PNG court upholds injunction against mine dumping: China's Ramu Nico renews threat to quit
Pacific Islands Report - 26 August 2010
A Chinese developer of the proposed Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is considering laying off workers and stopping construction work indefinitely following a new court ruling. Landowners in PNG's Madang province have successfully stopped the owner and developer China's Ramu Nico from constructing a deep sea tailings disposal system to dump waste from the mine into Madang's Basamuk Bay...more

Undersea mining called threat to PNG marine life: Madang activist warns of reef damage, unknown risks
Pacific Islands Report - 20 August 2010
Papua New Guinea's coral reefs are in danger of being destroyed if the deep sea mining by Nautilus goes ahead, a NGO leader says. This concern was raised by the chairman of the Bismarck Solomon Sea Indigenous Peoples Council (BSSIPC) John Simoi. Mr. Simoi, from Bagbag Island, off the coast of Rai Coast in Madang Province and a conservation campaigner against ocean floor mining and dumping of mine wastes into oceans, said the Bismarck Sea, known as the "Cradle of Marine Biodiversity" would be affected greatly if the proposed deep sea mining by Nautilus goes ahead between New Ireland and East New Britain provinces...more

Creating an Oceanscape for the Pacific - 19 August 2010
Earlier this month on the island of Vanuatu, leaders from 15 island nations gathered for a meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum. From countries as wide-ranging as Australia and the tiny island of Niue (population 1,354), these representatives share a common bond: deep environmental, economic and cultural ties to the sea surrounding their homelands. Across the globe, the world's ocean is in crisis, threatened by massive overfishing, climate change and a myriad of other forces. Although the Pacific Islands Forum counts some of the world's smallest countries as its members, the group has just made one of the boldest agreements for collaborative, integrated and adaptive ocean management yet: the launch of the Pacific Oceanscape...more

Rising sea worries French Polynesia mayors : Low-lying Tuamotos of particular concern
Pacific Islands Report - 19 August 2010
The 22nd Congress of French Polynesian municipalities recently took place in Tahiti's west coast commune of Punaauia. Among the different topics discussed this year, mayors expressed concern about climate change. French Polynesia is made of 118 islands, including many low-lying islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Mayors from the Tuamotu Archipelago are increasingly worried by the effects of global warming. This could cause eventually their islands to disappear in a matter of only a few years...more

PNG government tries to placate Ramu opponents: Landowners sued to stop China-owned mine dumping
Pacific Islands Report - 19 August 2010
In Papua New Guinea (PNG), a team of government scientists will be in Madang next week to meet with landowners living along the Ramu nickel mine project. The scientists will conduct awareness of the deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) and its impact to ensure landowners understand the DSTP programme to be used by Ramu NiCo at its Basamuk refinery plant...more

Palau Green fee hit the 1 million mark in less than a year
SPREP - 19 August 2010
Tourists holidaying in Palau since November last year have helped raise over a million dollars for the protected areas of the territory. Palau now has 1.3 million USD from a Green fee tax that began on 1 November 2009, all of which will help conservation efforts in Palau. There are 23 conservation sites to preserve the marine and land based environment of Palau under their protected areas network, which encompass the catchphrase for the Pacific territories' tourism catchphrase - "Experience the Wonders." It's a fitting slogan as the visitors and tourists to Palau now play a role in helping the preservation of the pristine environment. The Green Fee is part of the 35 USD departure tax for non-Palauan passport holders to pay when leaving the territory. Of this amount 15 USD is the Green Fee that is paid into a national account managed by the Protected Area Network Fund (PANF) board of directors. Community conservation groups are now submitting applications for the 1.3 million USD which has been raised in a nine month period...more

Statue aimed at awareness of Palau dugong: Better protection needed for endangered creature
Pacific Islands Report - 18 August 2010
Illegal poaching and lack of enforcement to protect dugongs need to be addressed according to Mandy Etpison, Managing Director of the Etpison Museum and coordinator of the Dugong Awareness program. Etpison said that finding ways to improve local enforcement against dugong poaching will be part of the program and this is through coordination with the state and national government in coming up with regulations to enforce the law...more

Aussie mining firm seeks to dump waste in PNG bay: Chinese mine stopped from similar plan in same bay
Pacific Islands Report - 18 August 2010
The Australian based-Marengo Mining company says it plans to dump waste from its proposed Yandera Gold and Copper mine into Basamuk Bay in Papua New Guinea's (PNG) Madang province. Marengo has been drilling for gold and copper at its Yandera mine site in Madang province and says it has found enough deposits to last for 20 years. Marengo's managing director, Les Emery says it is conducting a feasibility study on a deep sea tailings waste disposal system to be completed by the end of this year..more

Fiji government empowers turtle cops: Citizen police can apprehend illegal poachers
Pacific Islands Report - 17 August 2010
Sixteen of 25 turtle monitors in the provinces of Bua and Macuata were issued with fish warden licences after a two-day workshop last week. Fisheries officer Northern Katangateman Tokabwebwe said that would provide those individuals with added authority to inspect fishing boats...more

Fiji to study migration of humpback whales: Country maintains vast whale sanctuary
Pacific Islands Report - 17 August 2010
A three-year survey on the migration patterns of humpback whales in Fiji waters is set to get underway, after the project was approved for funding by the Australian Marine Mammal Centre. Sightings of the whales will be recorded, and photographs and sound recordings collected in an effort to help establish migration patterns, breeding grounds, and the population structure...more

Palau Bill would put hatchery clams back in sea: Half of output would go to protecting species
Pacific Islands Report - 16 August 2010
In Palau, Sen. Regis Akitaya introduced a bill requiring the Bureau of Marine Resources to return to its natural habitat 50 percent of all clam species reared in the hatcheries. Senate Bill 1-143 recognizes that clam species are important asset of the country as these provide food and income. Clams are also great tourist attraction here...more

An ocean under threat - visioning the way forward - stakeholder workshop
IUCN Regional Newsletter [July]
The largest ocean on the planet, is faced with major threats of "pollution, habitat destruction, overfishing and harvesting and climate change" according to the recently published Pacific Ocean Synthesis report . In light of this the Centre for Oceans Solutions and the International Union for Conservation of Nature launched the Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge and recently convened its first stakeholder visioning workshop held in Suva, Fiji on the 1st and 2nd of July , to seek ocean-wide collaboration, gauge linkages, share experiences as well as pave a way forward to address the pressing threats on the Pacific Ocean and to shape and move forward the Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge.

Kiribati listed on World Heritage Sites
PacNews - 8 August 2010
Kiribati has been included in the world heritage list. This makes it the ninth Pacific island country to be listed in the world heritage list. To mark this achievement, there was a celebration at the Kiribati High Commission in Suva last night where the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, was chief guest. The President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, and members of the Kiribati community in Fiji, joined in the celebration. The Phoenix Islands marine protected area is now on the list of Natural World Heritage Sites following recommendations from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature...more

Palau wins support for shark sanctuary: Initial approval by Micronesian leaders
Pacific Islands Report - 4 August 2010
Palau has the support of other leaders in Micronesia to protect species of sharks deemed to be under threat, by creating a shark sanctuary. A spokesperson for Palau's President, Risong Tarkong, says whale sharks are one species in need of urgent protection in Micronesian waters. She says Palau's President, Johnson Toribiong, called for regional cooperation on the sanctuary at a Micronesian leaders summit at the weekend...more

The Framework for the Pacific Oceanscape adopted today at the Forum Leader's retreat
Contributed by Sue Taei - 5 August 2010

68. "Leaders reiterated the critical importance of ensuring the sustainable development, management and conservation of our ocean. Leaders endorsed the draft Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape and acknowledged with thanks the efforts of the Marine Sector Working Group and partners in developing this framework. Leaders strongly encouraged continued Forum leadership and regional cooperation and tasked CROP agencies to implement the Framework in partnership with other relevant organisations." ... download the draft framework -

Hawaii, Kiribati, Marshalls claim heritage honors: Three Pacific sites added to UN's World Heritage list
Pacific Islands Report - 3 August 2010
Three Pacific sites have been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. They are Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, Kiribati's Phoenix Islands and Hawaii's Papahanaumokuakea. Bikini was the site of US nuclear bomb testing in the 1940s and 1950s. UNESCO says the tests dramatically altered the geology and environment of the atoll and symbolised the dawn of the nuclear age. The Phoenix Islands conserve one of the world's largest intact oceanic coral archipelago ecosystems. This incorporates 14 known underwater sea mounts thought to be extinct volcanoes and a staggering variety of marine species. The Papahanaumokuakea chain of tiny islands and atolls, stretches nearly two thousand kilometres north-west of the main Hawaiian Islands. It was declared both a natural and cultural heritage site. This is because it's one of the world's largest marine protected areas, and where, in Hawaiian culture, life orginated... see also National Geographic feature on Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument


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Articles of note - a selection of recent academic literature

Compiled by Peter Murgatroyd . Articles marked with an * are available from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via OARE [Online Access to Research in the Environment].

- August 2010

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* see also Latest news from the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme [SPREP]


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