Solomon Islands tuna industry sustainable for future generations

HONIARA, 15 MAY 2013 (SIBC) --- Solomon Islands tuna industry is growing and the Ministry of Fisheries is committed to ensure the country's tuna resources are sustainable, says the Fisheries Permanent Secretary Dr Chris Ramofafia.

Dr Ramofafia said since the ministry implemented its new policy on albacore fishing fleet, there has been an increase in revenue collection from the Noro off loading site in the Western Province

He said the new policy also created the capacity to build infrastructure and employment. In addition, 800 jobs were created last year in the Soltuna industry. The fisheries permanent secretary said the tuna industry has also established a new association, signifying positive growth in the industry.

Dr Ramofafia said the ministry will ensure the country's tuna resources and other marine resources are sustainable for future generations.... PACNEWS