Volume 7: Issue 1 January-February 2014


Editorial Note, FFA Director General James Movick

Trade and industry intelligence key to Pacific fisheries management

Preferential Trade Agreements

EU Loins Quota for 2014 exhausted in ten days

Fisheries Development

Update on South Pacific Albacore crisis

Western Indian Ocean: piracy declines, fishing capacity returns

Fisheries Management

EU-Pacific relations over VDS remain tense

New rules to increase US longline bigeye catch limits

European Parliament study on FAD use in global tuna fisheries

Tuna Industry

Legal scrutiny of Korean tuna giant Dongwon raises questions for US Treaty and ISSF

Thai Union has tough year in 2013, but expected to bounce back

Tuna Markets

Fluctuating skipjack prices shape US canned tuna market

More details on http://www.ffa.int/node/811