Intel, data, technology mark new Pacific firsts against IUU fishing

KURUKURU 15 PHOTOGALLERY (link is external)

Friday 16th October 2015, FFA RFSC, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS –The largest intel and analysis team to ever take part in any Pacific fisheries surveillance operation against IUU, supported by more data sources and technology sources than ever has made 2015 a year of firsts for the Kurukuru (KK15) regional surveillance sweep.

Thanking the participating nations as the ten-day Operation Kurukuru ended this afternoon, The Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency's (FFA) Acting Director General Wez Norris says recent renovation work on the RFSC “has helped the staff quickly analyse data and ensure solid outcomes.”

Kurukuru 2015 is the first major surveillance operation since the renovated centre opened its doors on October 1.  For the first time in a decade of the Kurukuru operations, the centre comfortably held up to 25 officers working towards maintaining the regional surveillance picture, and analysing information and data across FFA’s member nations.

Along with that milestone of having a record number of staff filling a record mix of different roles all under the same roof, there were some other significant firsts, says FFA RFSC team leader Commander Gavin Baker, of the Royal Australian Navy.

Adding to the information layers which the FFA RFSC coordinates and filters as part of its day-to-day work, “KK15 was the first operation during which we received, reviewed and processed satellite-based surveillance imagery to augment and confirm the data generated by the Regional Surveillance Picture,” Baker says. “Contributions included the UK-based Catapult and US-based SkyTruth operators, and the information they provided served to the overall clarity of the Regional Surveillance Picture."

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