SPC coordinates `Oceans and Tides Workshop` in Cook Islands

Regional ocean science experts are in Cook Islands this week as part of a major initiative to strengthen the understanding and application of climate, ocean and sea level information in the Pacific Islands region.

The Cook Islands Meteorological Service has called upon the Pacific Community (SPC) to assist in hosting and facilitating an Oceans and Tides Workshop which opened in Rarotonga yesterday. 

“Ocean and tides have a major influence on many key economic sectors in the Cook Islands, from tourism and shipping to pearl farming and subsistence fishing,” the Director of the Cook Islands Meteorological Service, Arona Ngari, said.  “The Cook Islands Met Service is keen to improve and further develop our services for these marine stakeholders.”  

rarotonga workshop






More on: http://www.spc.int/en/media-releases/2695-strengthening-understanding-and-use-of-ocean-data-in-cook-islands.htm