13th Pacific Community (SPC) Heads of Fisheries Meeting

The thirteenth (13th) Pacific Community (SPC) Heads of Fisheries Meeting held virtually in early June has concluded with a focus on key priorities of enhancing scientific knowledge and technical tools to better serve Pacific Island people in the coming years.

More than one hundred participants from twenty-two Pacific Island countries and territories consisting of Heads of Fisheries, senior fisheries managers, field officers, fisheries officers, donors, other regional agencies, and non-government organisations discussed the emerging priorities for fisheries and aquaculture in the region. 

These priorities are being aligned to the SPC member needs in the post-COVID recovery environment, which includes digital transformation to enhance safe and secure access to fisheries data, the Pacific Framework for Action on scaling-up Community based Fisheries Management, and the availability of scientific knowledge about climate change impacts to inform fisheries management decisions.

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