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Resources for Marine Professionals

Links to international and regional clearinghouses for educational resources, toolkits and guidelines for best practice.

Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing [GISRS]
SOPAC's Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing training and resource modules include practical guidelines for geodesy, remote sensing, rectifying images, thematic mapping , and good practices for creating and linking GIS databases.

Marine Protected Area Planning Resources
This website provides a library of useful resources for informing the planning and design of marine protected areas (MPAs). There are a number of Relevant Publications relating to guidelines, methodologies and strategies for planning MPAs both individually and as part of a network. Toolkits provide planners and managers with a range of accessible and complementary tools to guide MPA decision making. The Applied Planning Tools section provides links to a number of data manipulation and systematic conservation planning tools which may be applied to MPA design. Finally, the Web Resources section provides links to websites that hold further information on the development of MPAs and to applications useful for the planning process.

NOAA Fisheries Geographic Information Systems : Educational and Technical Support
The Educational and Technical Support section provides useful scripts, tools, educational resources and will provide FAQs in the future.

Ocean Teacher
The objective of Ocean Teacher is to provide training tools for Oceanographic Data and Information management. These tools were used traditionally during IODE Training Courses but can also be used for self-training and continuous professional development. Since 2006 Ocean Teacher is also used as a repository for knowledge and training materials related to operational oceanography (GOOS) and marine meteorology (WMO and JCOMM).

The Ocean Teacher system is comprised of two components:

The Digital Library - contains a wide range of data management and information management materials, including software, quality control and analysis strategies, and reference documents.
The Training Modules - are a collection of outlines, notes, examples, and miscellaneous documents used in conjunction with the Digital Library that are used during group training courses

PEIN Virtual Library of Lessons Learned, and Best Practices in Marine Conservation
Compilation of resources, documents and websites to support sharing of best practices and lessons learned in marine conservation

ReefBase Pacific Reef Manager Toolbox
The Reef Manager ToolBox is a collection of manuals and guidebooks that have been developed by various projects, organizations and initiatives. These guides all aim to assist in the effective monitoring and management of reef resources.

Topics include:

Biological reef monitoring ; Socioeconomic monitoring ; MPA establishment - monitoring ; Co-management / participatory approached ; Reef species